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Herons Science Day activity was to take part in the Egg Drop Challenge. Each group had an egg and needed to make a protective case around it to ensure it didn’t break when dropped from height. 4 out of 5 eggs survived.

We carried out simple investigations to see which shape would create the most water resistance. We had to think how to make our tests fair. We proved that the more streamlined the shape, the faster it moved through the water.

In ICT we have created flip animations

World Book Day – We shared books with Marsh Harriers

Happy Pancake Day! The Herons taught the Marsh Harriers how to make pancake batter. I was very proud of the way the Herons worked with the younger children. They were kind and patient. A fun start to the day and very tasty too!

First part of the Spring term  saw our topic work Space based.

Herons were whisked away on a space shuttle for an ‘out of this world’ journey through the Solar System. The Virtual Reality workshop was a huge success and we learnt even more amazing information about Space and the planets!

Making the planets in Our Solar System

As a Christmas treat we made Gingerbread biscuits


We have been learning about Anne Frank as part of our topic on WW2. We discovered that the butterfly is a symbol of remembrance for the children killed in the holocaust. So today, we each made a butterfly.


We created maps of Europe to show the Battle of Dunkirk

As part of our history project WW2 we made circuits to send Morse Code messages to each other.