Autumn Term 2021 
MondayYoga and Mindfulness Club (After School – KS2)

Dance Club (Before School KS1 and 2)

Music Club (After School KS2)

Football Club (After School KS2)

WednesdaySports Club (After School KS2)
Thursday Multi-skills club ((After School KS1)
Friday Art Club (After School KS2)

Business Club 

Enterprise in School

The children of Ludham School have created many businesses to make a profit from a small seed fund. This usually happens in Business Club (run by Mrs Perkins and Mrs Kane).

In previous years the children have started businesses to raise funds for the WildHearts Charity which supports new entrepreneurs in developing countries.  Businesses have included making and selling smoothies and Mother’s Day gifts.

One of these businesses was so successful, it won a Tycoons in Schools competition and those involved were treated to a day at Buckingham Palace where they met famous entrepreneur and ‘Dragon’ Peter Jones!

We cannot wait to see what ideas Ludham children ‘cook up’ this year!

In February 2019 Business Club joined forces with The Wildhearts Group ‘ Micro Tyco’ entrepreneurial education programme.  Our business was called Fruity February .We sold fruit smoothies at playtime Mon, Tues & Wed  and on Wednesday after school we sold fruit tarts. The smoothies were in shots for 25p  or  cups for 50p and the tarts were £1. The team made a whopping £100.30 from their original £1 start-up loan!